Office Mgmt Pro

About Course
Skytech Computer Academy Certified Office Management Professional is a career building course covers today’s most relevant topic that highly demandable to work on an enterprise, it’s including Spoken English, Business communication, Computer application, Advance Excel and internet skill solution program for everyone at beginners and advanced levels.

The program incorporates communication skill development, aptitude development, body language improvement, presentation skill development, computer skill, Microsoft office 2013, advance excel 2013, internet and management skill development. It enables our trainees to participate in seminars, conferences, meetings and presentations.

Communication is one of the keys to globalization. English communication is a connecting link between countries across the globe. Evidently, demand for excellent English communication is on the rise. With the internet reaching out to every noon and corner of the world, the individual boundaries of countries have been merged into one. Multinational corporations operating in different language-speaking parts of the world are increasingly relying on English as the sole medium of business communication on the international front. Knowing corporate English helps to acquire professional communication skills.

To create a high proficiency career on corporate, computer skill is another key factor that can enhance your career opportunity to avail a best kind of jobs, its also covering all advanced topic of Computer application and corporate skilled too.